On September 4, 2019, I (Nathan Webster) saw a problem in Vancouver when I moved into an office in Downtown Vancouver. Being a native of the Pacific Northwest, I love Vancouver. This is my home. However, it didn’t feel very comfy in some areas.

Let’s keep it real and say, “I didn’t see anyone that looked like me.”

As I grew my businesses here in the last five years, I realized my biggest supporters were people of color, women, and veterans. Those three groups of individuals were my best clients. When I stopped pursuing them, my sales funnel grew empty and my business struggled. Also, I have the most success with these groups as well.

So why mess up a good thing? That’s when I went back to the basics and what worked.

In the video below, this was my attempt to find other businesses that were like me. I’m a proud Veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps of four years of honorable service. By default and proud to say, I identify as a black male. My co-founder is proud to say she’s a (white) woman. So, we can maneuver around the crowds but that’s not who we are.

We can’t be everything to all people, nor do we want to in our space.

Throughout the years, we’ve added clientele who share our same values and here we are, which is why I wanted to give back. This video originated on our Facebook page and got trolled. Sadly, people didn’t understand the message or purpose, so I decided to get to work.

Our purpose is to support businesses that wouldn’t receive support because they’re not included in the majority population. We have a lot of talented people in SW Washington, but we don’t have the infrastructure to support them. So this was the inception of Connected.

Enjoy the video!

Dream big and don’t settle,
Nathan A Webster


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  1. Mike Tsistinas

    Just watched the vid Nathan, loved it! As a fairly new resident to Vancouver, I would love to know what you came up with. We would 💚 2 show our support locally as well.

  2. Bjorn Sorensen

    I haven’t used them for massage, but a PDX friend told me about the benefits of that and especially reiki, and said the Vancouver scene is growing. Radiance Massage and Reiki is run by a Karynn and is right in Downtown Vancouver. Sorry it’s not a personal connection, but maybe it’s a start. I can personally vouch for the outstanding coffee shop River Maiden, on Mill Plain and owned by a Melissa L.